Announcing Building Backbone Plugins Distribution With!

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I am all kinds of excited about this – is now distributing my Building Backbone Plugins eBook! 

This is a huge deal for me and the book, as it will bring the knowledge and experience that I’ve poured in to the book, to the hands of so many more Backbone developers out there in the world. This is the premiere book on how, when where and why to extend Backbone – now with the backing and support of the finest technical book publisher in the industry!

From the PragProg page for the book:

Getting started with Backbone.js is fairly simple compared to most of the large frameworks. But it’s not without its perils and pitfalls. For all of the flexibility and freedom you have, it requires a lot of boilerplate—a lot of copy and paste code. But there’s hope. You can reduce the boilerplate code, cut your development time, and improve your app’s functionality by creating good abstractions. With Building Backbone Plugins, you’ll learn more than just the “how” of building abstractions, you’ll also learn the “why”!

Ready to improve your productivity, write better code and finish features faster than ever with Backbone? 

Get The Book From

And get years of knowledge distilled in to a hands-on, code focused guide book!

  • Jason K

    awesome dude! congrats!!