5 Rules For Mastering JavaScript’s “this” – The eBook Version!

I’ve had a number of requests for a better formatted, code-highlited, non-email version of my increasingly popular 5 Rules For Mastering JavaScript’s “this” email course in the last few weeks. To make this all happen, I decided to put it all together in to an eBook version, over on Leanpub.

About The eBook

Wondering why JavaScript’s “this” is pointing to that, when you thought it was pointing over there? Confused by the seemingly arbitrary value of “this” … if it even has a value?

You’re not alone.

JavaScript’s context variable is one of the most frustrating and confusing bits of important information that you need to understand. But don’t worry – the rules for managing “this” are easier to understand than most people think. It only takes a little knowledge, a few examples to work with, and a willingness to travel the path.

The name says it all: 5 Rules For Mastering JavaScript’s “this”. This book is split up in to multiple “days” – a short chapter each day, designed to guide you down the path of mastering “this”. 

Start The Journey

Head over to the Leanpub page for the book, and get started with the 5 day journey that will have you handling “this” like a pro!

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  • Chris B

    Ironic typo: “The name says it all: 5 Rules For Mastering JavaScriotu2019s ‘this’.”

    • http://mutedsolutions.com Derick Bailey

      #facepalm and #lol :D