Want To Know What It’s REALLY Like To Be An Entrepreneur? I’ve Got A Podcast For You.

Toward the end of 2013, I joined a small mastermind group – a group of entrepreneurs that get together to keep each other accountable, bounce ideas off each other and generally help each other out in the day to day and long term thinking and doing of things related to our endeavors. I’ve been lucky with my group. We had an instant bond between us from having all worked at the same company at one point (though not all at the same time). This built an instant level of trust and open communication that we’ve built on since then.

This group has helped me a ton, too. They’ve taught me about marketing and why i need it, how to do it without being evil and kept me on track for getting code, features and products shipped and out the door. Equally as important, though, they’ve been there when I’m had my worst days and wanted to give up. They’ve helped me understand when I should just keep going. They’ve shown me things that I should change, things that I should stop doing and how to make the most of my efforts to learn how to survive as an entrepreneur. It’s been an amazing journey with these guys so far, and I look forward to our weekly conversations. It’s one of the highlights of my week.

And now we want to share these conversations with you!

Announcing Entreprogrammers.com

John Sonmez, Josh Earl and I have decided to do something that we think is going to be tremendously important for other entrepreneurs – we’ve decided to record all of our weekly conversations and release them as both videos and as an audio podcast! And we’re doing it all from our new site, Entreprogrammer.com.


This isn’t a normal podcast, though. We don’t have guest speakers. We don’t have a planned topic of discussion. We don’t hold anything back, either. This is raw entrepreneurship with everything from the highs of launching a new product or service, down to the lows of failing to meet our goals and really stepping out of our comfort zones. You’ll hear everything from how we succeed to how we fail and the horrible things that people say about us at times. 

It’s a roller coaster ride and intense journey that we are taking, and we want to share everything that we are learning with you. So come join us. Be a fly on the wall as we talk about the things that make us tick and the things blow up in our faces. 



P.S. Interested in doing your own podcast? Get in touch with me and let me know. I run SignalLeaf.com – a podcast audio hosting service – and I would love to host your podcast, the same way I’m hosting Entreprogrammers and so many others!

  • http://blog.spontaneouspublicity.com/ Luke Foust

    The feed (http://entreprogrammers.com/feed/) doesn’t seem to work in iTunes. I can see there is content in the feed but iTunes thinks there are no episodes.