Coming Soon: WatchMeCode Screencast Subscriptions!

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I’ve finally decided to do it, after so many times I’ve put it off and so many people asking for it… I’m putting together a WatchMeCode streaming service with monthly subscriptions!

The Early Access Program

I’m not switching everything over to the subscription model, just yet. Instead, I’m getting this released and out the door as quickly as possible, with an early access program.  

If you join the early access program, you’ll get:

  • Streaming access to all current WatchMeCode episodes, before anyone else
  • A chance to influence the direction of WatchMeCode by providing early feedback
  • Discounts on additional services as they are added

All for a discounted monthly subscription price of $5/mo! After the early-access period ends, you’ll get to keep the $5/mo price tag. Everyone that signs up after that will have to pay $9/mo.

How To Get In On This

The site is now live! Head over to and subscribe, today.

  • anthonyringoet


  • Jason K

    I like this new focus you have on being independent and delivering all this new content! Love it and i hope it works out for you!

    • Derick Bailey

      thanks! i sure hope it works out, too :)