Processing Unordered Array Items In Order, Using Brute Force

I recently had the opportunity to interview Aria Stewart – a developer at PayPal. The interview was for my RabbitMQ For Developers package (coming soon!) and centered around designing for failure. At one point in the conversation, we were talking about the problem of ordered messages and vector clocks and I mentioned a problem I […]

Coming Soon: RabbitMQ For Developers


A few months ago, I started working on a screencast series for WatchMeCode that covers RabbitMQ – a great little messaging system that allows you to quickly and easily write distributed applications by using message queues. The screencast series is done, and it’s been a rather popular one already. But I also realize that there’s […]

The 5 Stages of Developer Grief: SpaceCityJS 2015 Keynote


Following from my March 2nd presentation of the 5 Stages of Entrepreneurial Grief, I had the opportunity to turn that presentation in to the keynote address for the SpaceCityJS conference in Houston Texas on March 28th. I recorded the talk and have uploaded it to youtube for everyone to watch. In this talk, I go through […]

JSHint: Confusing Use of ! (not)


I ran in to this error a moment ago, produced by JSHint: The error says: Confusing use of ‘!’ That was certainly a new one to me… but after a moment of thought, it made sense.  The Potential Confusion Here’s the original code that I wrote, which produced this problem: In this code, the potential […]