Living The Dream. Or Is It A Nightmare?


Have you ever heard of Etsy? Or Ebay? Maybe you’ve heard of Twitter or Gawker? How about Crashlytics or Airbrake, or Raygun? Of course you have. These are well known names on the internet and in techie circles. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Twitter and Ebay, even outside of the techie circles? Maybe people […]

Debugging Browserified Unit Tests In A Real Browser


In a previous post, I showed how to run browserified unit tests in a headless browser using PhantomJS and grunt-contrib-jasmine. Shortly after posting that, I found myself needing to run a debugger on my tests (because console.log debugging is not sufficient).  What to do? How do I get a debugger attached to my grunt-contrib-jasmine specs? […]

Build Your Own App Specific REPL For Your NodeJS App


Nicole Sullivan asked a question on twitter:  Is there something like rails c or irb in node? — Nicole Sullivan (@stubbornella) July 3, 2014 I was immediately intrigued by the possibility of having an equivalent of a “rails c” for my NodeJS apps, so I started digging in. Rails C? IRB? What? In case you’re […]

Cascading Failures vs Robust Code: How SignalLeaf Survived Multiple Crashes And Still Served Podcasts


A few weeks ago, SignalLeaf crashed. Hard. The site was down and my error reporting system was reporting an error in the connectivity to the message queue system. My house seemed to be crumbling all around me, and I was in full panic mode.   At this point, SignalLeaf is averaging around 4,400 podcast episode […]