Mock Objects In NodeJS Tests, With Jasmine Spies


If you’ve been using Jasmine for testing your JavaScript, you’ve probably used spies to replace functions on objects and check that they were called, check arguments, etc. Spies are a powerful and necessary part of unit testing with Jasmine and I use them a lot. But I’ve recently found myself wanting further separation from dependencies […]

How I Built WatchMeCode’s Subscription / Streaming Service


In my last post, I talked about the events leading up to and the events of launching WatchMeCode‘s new subscription service for JavaScript screencasts. In that post, I very briefly mentioned using WordPress and some plugins and add-ons to get the service up and running in a matter of hours – what would have taken […]

Launch Week Review: The Story Of WatchMeCode’s Subscription Service


On April 8th, I opened up the new subscription service for WatchMeCode’s screencasts. This included a brand new website, a new membership system, all of the existing content that I had previously recorded being made available, and a short launch sequence for the new service to try and build some anticipation. After one week of […]

Prototype Members vs Static Members vs Instance Members (and Dependency Injection)


I’m building a job scheduling system where a Schedule contains many ScheduleItems. Each of these ScheduleItems as various dependencies that need to be resolved before the SchduleItem’s “job” is able to run. When a ScheduleItem’s dependencies are all resolved the ScheduleItem will trigger an event and let the parent Schedule know that the Item’s dependencies […]

2 Lessons Learned, And 3 Resources For For Learning RabbitMQ On NodeJS

I’ve been a huge fan of messaging systems and distributed application design through messages for a good number of years now. I’ve written several articles on this general area of development, and my MarionetteJS framework took a lot of influence from messaging based architectures. It’s been a part of how I think for a long […]