How I Built WatchMeCode’s Subscription / Streaming Service


In my last post, I talked about the events leading up to and the events of launching WatchMeCode‘s new subscription service for JavaScript screencasts. In that post, I very briefly mentioned using WordPress and some plugins and add-ons to get the service up and running in a matter of hours – what would have taken […]

Launch Week Review: The Story Of WatchMeCode’s Subscription Service


On April 8th, I opened up the new subscription service for WatchMeCode’s screencasts. This included a brand new website, a new membership system, all of the existing content that I had previously recorded being made available, and a short launch sequence for the new service to try and build some anticipation. After one week of […]

Prototype Members vs Static Members vs Instance Members (and Dependency Injection)


I’m building a job scheduling system where a Schedule contains many ScheduleItems. Each of these ScheduleItems as various dependencies that need to be resolved before the SchduleItem’s “job” is able to run. When a ScheduleItem’s dependencies are all resolved the ScheduleItem will trigger an event and let the parent Schedule know that the Item’s dependencies […]

2 Lessons Learned, And 3 Resources For For Learning RabbitMQ On NodeJS

I’ve been a huge fan of messaging systems and distributed application design through messages for a good number of years now. I’ve written several articles on this general area of development, and my MarionetteJS framework took a lot of influence from messaging based architectures. It’s been a part of how I think for a long […]