The 5 Stages of Developer Grief: SpaceCityJS 2015 Keynote


Following from my March 2nd presentation of the 5 Stages of Entrepreneurial Grief, I had the opportunity to turn that presentation in to the keynote address for the SpaceCityJS conference in Houston Texas on March 28th. I recorded the talk and have uploaded it to youtube for everyone to watch. In this talk, I go through […]

JSHint: Confusing Use of ! (not)


I ran in to this error a moment ago, produced by JSHint: The error says: Confusing use of ‘!’ That was certainly a new one to me… but after a moment of thought, it made sense.  The Potential Confusion Here’s the original code that I wrote, which produced this problem: In this code, the potential […]

ExpressJS ProTips: A 7 Day Email Course

Last week I launched a new email course aimed at people that are writing NodeJS and ExpressJS web apps. This course takes the years of experience I have from building small, medium and fairly large scale web apps and condenses many of my lessons learned in to 1-a-day emails.  The ExpressJS ProTips email course is […]

The 5 Stages Of Entrepreneurial Grief: A Presentation and Video


A while back, I wrote a blog post title The 5 Stages of a SaaS Bootstrapper’s Grief. In this post, I add my own take on the 5 Stages of Grief – which are typically talked about in the context of dealing with loss – and apply the stages to entrepreneurial work. On March 2nd, […]